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We are a CX Design and Tech consulting studio that shapes digital experiences with a human edge. We partner with global CXOs who seek to build future ready experiences.

We craft category defining
CX for ambitious brands.

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We helped BIAL shape their digital airport strategy connecting all services, retail and other opportunities for a seamless  passenger experience at BLR airport.  Our twin goals - reduce passenger anxiety and improve relevant revenue opportunities.

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We’re crafting the easiest and most effective way for ecommerce businesses to launch & operate a D2C brand. We’re helping shape a winning proposition for Amazon in a category where competitors are deeply entrenched.

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A global first from Amazon, MiniTV is a  fresh take on the streaming category with several innovative ideas to improve discovery and engagement rates. A successful venture for Amazon India that’s growing from strength to strength.

QuickPlay Poster

We partnered with QuickPlay + Google to leverage GenAI for a personalized TV experience. We reimagined the TV as a friend who knows exactly what you want, can keep you entertained in all situations.

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Seclore came to us with a strategic problem - enterprises want to adhere to data security best practices, but it often adds to friction for employees. We crafted a framework to rethink their solution for better adoption in critical use-cases.

A global social design company trusted us with designing their brand narrative - from deep discovery sessions with their management to executing the brand assets that resonates with clients across the globe, we helped them reframe their positioning.

“The passion they bring to the table is overpowering.

Saurabh Sardana
Portrait of Saurabh Sardana from Blackfox
Saurabh Sardana

They delivered a high quality AR experience leading to 3x improvement in time spent.

Irshad Daftari
Fox Star Studio
Portrait of Irshad Daftari from Fox Star Studio
Irshad Daftari
Fox Star Studio

They hit the ground running and quickly became a seamless extension of our team.

Lori Louis
JLL Tech
Portrait of Lori Louis from JLL Tech
Lori Louis
JLL Tech

Our solutions are a contemporary weave of design, tech & narratives that shape behaviour.

Growth Nudge

Create a foundation for a cohesive, untangled CX strategy that works.

CX Strategy

Drive growth by leveraging behavioural economics in a practical, measurable way.

Product Design

Unlock product-market fit as you take an idea from concept to execution.

Product Engineering

Build your product on a contemporary tech stack with sound engineering practices.

  • React Development

  • Chatbots

  • Mobile Apps

  • BI Dashboards

Brand Design

Design contemporary brands that resonate deeply with audiences

Digital Narratives

Craft engaging digital narratives whether it's AR experiences or interactive websites.

Data Storytelling

Weave data into a compelling story that brings out the insights and inspires action.

We're committed to shaping creative ideas in these domains.

Whether it's governments, NGOs or startups, we partner with ambitious teams chasing UN SDGs.

Social Impact

From DTx to Patient Ecosystem Apps, we love working with health tech solutions that help change outcomes.


We're keen to shape the next wave of global edtech solutions that are deeply personalized and influence learning outcomes.


We're not only working with clients on GenAI platforms, but also building our own products.

Generative AI